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for Insights, Consistency and Control across all locations

Clarity Multi Medical provides an end-to-end integrated software platform for the running of multiple location clinics. Clarity Multi Medical’s key functionality includes Appointments, Point of Sales, Calendar, CRM, Tasks, Reporting, Communications and Quality Control. By having a single integrated system, Clarity can provide management with real-time and accurate data.


Enabling Technology

Clarity Multi Medical provides enabling SaaS technology for companies that want to work smarter and to scale up with lower support costs. Through business process re-engineering, Clarity delivers automation, streamlining and process control which translates into less administration and fewer management staff needed for each new location.

People & Technology

Clarity Multi Medical provides a powerful technological backbone for use across the entire business. With great technology supporting the business, front-facing staff can focus more on patient outcomes and the building of strong relationships. When you use Clarity Multi Medical, not only do you get great software, but you also get a very experienced and passionate team behind the software. Our team includes Implementation Specialists, Trainers with industry experience and Strategy Consultants to help guide you on how best to configure and use Clarity Software for your unique business environment.

Opportunity Optimisation

Clarity was engineered to ensure that every lead is managed which prevents them from dropping out of the sales pipeline. By looking at all possible exit points then developing mechanisms to manage potential losses, Clarity can keep the “opportunity funnel” water-tight and maximize potential of those within it.

Innovation to Drive Profitability

Clarity Multi Medical gives clinics a competitive edge by allowing them to offer personalized, high quality and insightful services, all whilst been more profitable through the use of a number of built-in tools that focus on margins, client retention and improved quality & process control.


From day one, Clarity Multi Medical has worked alongside industry leaders, with our first major install been for the well-known and respected Liposuction Surgery Specialist, Dr Joseph Ajaka and his national group of Cosmos Medical Clinics.

This implementation included clinics in 5 different states as well as working with a broad team of practitioners ranging from Surgeons, Doctors, Aesthetic Nurses, Theatre Nurses, to Dermal Therapists.

Clarity provided a full spectrum of services including: Project Management, Process Design, Data Migration, Configuration, Training, Monitoring and Support.

The project was very successful and Clarity Multi Medical has made a significant difference to Cosmos Medical Clinics. An impact case study available on request.

User Experience

Clarity Multi Medical is built for users across the entire business, including use by practitioners, front desk, back office, administration and management teams. The design means users only see what they need to use, thus making the software seem simpler and less crowded.

With purpose built modules, users from different business groups, tend to have different favourite functionalities, as demonstrated below in the feedback received from the Cosmos Medical Clinic project.

My favourite functionality, well the one that has really made the most difference to my role, is the Quality Control Dashboard within the “Local Management Module”. With this tool, I know exactly what is happening and where my help is needed.
Pamela (Practice Manager)

I used to struggle with the complexity of our pricing, as we have volume discounts, packages, different providers levels, VIP client pricing, etc. Clarity’s POS has all of the various pricing variables built in, meaning the system tells me the correct pricing immediately and I can completed the check out in a matter of seconds.
Vanessa (Front Desk)

I really like the initial insights functionality. With this tool, I get a good understanding of the client’s needs, expectations and concerns prior to the first consult. This allows me to prepare and focus the consult on the points important to the client.
Laura (Aesthetic Nurse)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module

At the heart of the Clarity Multi Medical, is a fully integrated CRM that is populated by every entry into the software. By putting customers at the centre of every business decision, the business can connect with customers like never before. Having deep insights, allows the business to create a personalized experience for each patient

HQ Enterprise Management Module

This module contains the brains behind each organisations processes and allows for the custom configuration of workflows and appointments. It is designed as top down control of primary database that is use across all locations. New clinics can be set up quickly and changes to existing clinics can be done instantaneously. The module reports on data collected for all clinics and can provide an aggregated view of your entire organisation. Proprietary management analytics functionality allows for analyse of financial performance, identification of marketing requirements, training needs and also to monitor customer behaviour.

Local Practice Management Module

Everything a local clinic needs to manage its daily business is contained within this module. This is includes functionality for resource scheduling, local service configuration, calendar, communications, bookings, payments, tasks and inventory management.

Multi Practitioner Module

Here practitioners manage their appointments and performance reports. The module allows for interaction with the CRM, so the practitioner can view and add notes (appointment specific, business or marketing), enter product used, set next steps, etc. The module is also design to integrate with other 3rd party software tools. For example if the practitioner is a dermatologist, this module might allow one click access into a dermatology specific software for charting and other highly dermatology specific functionality. The module can link to more than one other 3rd party solution, meaning it acts as a bridge in streamline the various solutions in use.


Having a single integrated SaaS platform, allows for seamless integration of systems with real-time and accurate data. Clarity Multi Medical is quicker, more intuitive and requires less clicks to use than other solutions out there.

Throughout the development process, Clarity worked closely with experienced Administrators, Managers and Practitioners, to ensure that the software met the specific requirements and preferred workflows for each of the different types of users.

Clarity Multi Medical designs logic was based on the unique challenges of multi locations. The architecture of the solution is from top down, meaning head office and quickly setup new branches or rolling out changes across the entire clinic network.

What is Saas

Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet, instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from complex software and hardware management. The provider manages access to the application, including security, availability, and performance.

Why use SaaS

Because SaaS customers have no hardware or software to buy, install, maintain, or update.
Because SaaS allows easier access to applications, customer just need an Internet connection
Because SaaS applications can be used on computer, laptops, tablets and smart phones.
Because SaaS clients are all on the code base, vendors can innovate more quickly.
Because SaaS maintenance costs are lower as vendors need to maintain a single version.
Because SaaS is designed so that customisations for each company are preserved through upgrades.
Because SaaS allows all uses to see the same real time data.


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About us

Clarity Multi Medical by Clarity Cloud is a Sydney based tech startup that has managed to successfully comemrcialise its technology. The company was started by Avron Rubin, an entrepreneur with a consulting and management background in healthcare operational strategies.

Early stage investors came from a number innovative healthcare company directors that all saw a need for an integrated platform to help maintain consistency and control across a number of associated clinics. Additional funding was also received as the result of winning a number of competitive government and industry grant competitions.

In June 2017 the exclusivity given to the pilot group of companies who helped with the extensive load testing and commercial environment usage, will end and the software will be come available to the marketplace.  


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